Welcome to Day One!

Awesome to have you here. This is going to be a great ten days together. I'm going to share tried and true tools for jogging your creativity, lifting you out of distress when your book takes a turn out of your comfort zone, and visioning tools to help you plan your strategy for writing everyday in November and map out your amazing, authentic, original novel-to-be!

Get just what you need to...
Pantsers and Planners have different approaches to planning, so Hit the Ground Writing provides proven tools to help get to the core of what each writer wants to write, and how. 

Even Pantsers will be astounded by the clarity, simplicity and ideas that will flow when you take the time to set the stage, prod your mind expertly and capture your vision in a strong statement. Ready? 

Hit the ground writing.
What Kind of Writer are You?
Are you a Pantser or a Planner?

Whether you like to have every scene on a note card, before you put pen to paper, or you prefer to write by the seat of your pants (thus the name), you still need to do some planning - your way, of course.

Both ways of approaching your book-writing are 100% valid and represent different creative styles.

Can you tell which you are?
  •   Planners enjoy getting a very clear image of their book, and holding a tight focus on the plot and characters as they write. They probably think it’s the only way to write a good book.
  •  Pantsers like to stage the book in their minds, but then let it take on a life of its own, and improv the story and events, as they write. They probably think that the level of prep and outlining that others recommend would 1) kill them where they stand, and 2) stifle the book, make it seem not “real” not “organic.” 
Julia Roberts, MS, Creativity, 
Creativity Coach, Author, Speaker
Day One - Pantser or Planner?
This might be an easy choice. You might know what you need to do to be successful in writing your novel - or at least the 50,000 words in 30 days as NaNoWriMo prescribes. This is exactly what you need to write successfully bec it helps you plan logistics and challenges as well as plot and character. So Stay Tuned for 10 days and I'll lead you through all the things you should take into account, in order to succeed. 

                    = Keep in mind only 10% of the people who begin NaNoWriMo on 11/1 achieve their goal of 50,000 words by 11/30. =

"If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail."
~ Benjamin Franklin
You know you're a Planner if...
  •  You love office supplies, post it notes, and perfect pens
  •  You've always enjoyed outlining 
  •  You make even simple decisions using pros and cons lists 
  •  You lay your work outfit out the night before 
  •  You write from notecards 
  •  You want every detail worked out before you begin writing 
  •  You keep lists for everything 
  •  You have a calendar that you couldn't live without 
  •  You think about the future and plan ahead
You know you're a Panster if...
  • Planning makes your head hurt
  •  Outlining is a foreign language 
  •  You're decisive and okay with your decisions - nothing's permanent, right? 
  •  You like to build the plane as you're flying it 
  •  You don't write from notes 
  •  Working out the details kills the creativity of writing - that's why you're writing it, to see how it ends 
  •  You keep a lot of details in your head - and enjoy complexity 
  •  You live in the moment
For NaNoWriMo success, stay tuned, get your thoughts organized and Hit the Ground Writing - in just ten days. 
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